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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 22, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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hobble off at all. in the inbox and half at noon the system to protect the one. any. in the evening when the nurse took us to god that we have to love together the government and the sea missile sites and some underwear month when half the walk together to teach you new nickname. the us. i like lots of china's eastern city of qingdao for it the people and injuring scores office. on the ones
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that fit her and continue into the mouth. i'd say. no cost. i bless our last people to be protecting his identity to watch the chinese spies on its debt the international community is facing. that would stop this picture with an update on the line asking the city of qingdao on the east coast of china as an at two pm den still had reason to twenty two. look on all sides he say an oil pipeline developed in the eye of the night before catching fire and find an expanding at around ten am on friday morning and the plastic heads in the city's find out the state the pipeline the sound by sinopec china's largest oil refiner the heart of the firefighters are still trying to extinguish the blaze with me to say more than twenty five tracks along
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the scenic apart he's never really got to the possibility of terrorism by the incident remains under investigation a fight going astray magnitude earthquake until today in northeast china's teething problems. on friday afternoon and according to the china us crate next to its end to the us take stock so nancy tea at four eighteen pm. baking time will come to see said the report it said fox. i'm a high percent of the earthquake had the depth of eight killed the test. and tolls on the last new kit program had and said to the studs day in rhyme and the six major powers have made some progress toward an interim deal to cut hair and you can program in exchange for sanctions read beat out both sides said they still have significant differences still to come. now fold the very date is christ the tee up responding to every kid at stake in geneva. we checked at the new round of talks since the effect random negotiations between an ear identified as one countries
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in one month. what can we expect exactly. we'll leave chance at around the negotiating walls here in geneva in the domain is that the two we are moving further away from an agreement that the us today is the scene the beach the depositions. we now have a draft agreement but there is still as you were mentioning that substantial differences between the differing policies. and then made his plea hearing is that these that i'm not getting any nearer to being stall. as i said in a report filed the idea that the atmosphere around the negotiating holes in the un is getting as chilly as the snowy suites with us. with the winter chills sitting in a cross geneva. a series of the mind naturally things inside
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the kids forming relations between iraq and the members of the un security council permanent five plus gemini all signs point to progress the golem of difficulties the deal would see unlimited lifting of international sanctions against iran then returned to curves to the new korea program. the us secretary of state owned carry couple mention of an historic opportunity with these warming we will not allow this agreement should it be reached. i say sure to be rich. to buy time. or. to allow for the acceptance of an agreement. that does not properly addressed. our core fundamental concerns the rule that the us front seats both minister has to take agreement to be based on firmness with full condition the golden ring the new clearance donations on current national surveillance to spend twenty percent
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uranium enrichment reduce existing enriched uranium stocks and stop construction of a heavy wool to pluck out the rack that could potentially produce weapons grade detainee in between shows that the policy to allah position has to do with the regional and world security. used as a nuclear proliferation. animal animal countries having nuclear weapons. that is all the visit in the riots relations hey i haven't the will. and then have and yet it's being that i'm full see bumps in the run whether the domain of the new da suggests that when or even close enough for an overrun in other words today's the third scheduled day of tilting there was space for new team to saturday. they are not close enough to do that. i am sick a lift that down to breakfast is one of the rainy and dedication today is that
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nolan the snot diplomat succeed at the top by non gun in his head a disheveled mess until now we can to get a result today. he looked at me and said inshaallah god willing. i had friends tell me that that's not a good sign. i again that talking about the major obstacles can that sam turned nineteen. so mad at me. st is from a strike a deal that they may need a brain in the system a plant that the country will consider giving up it's been a teacher in the cheering and that this is the m b is one of the biggest obstacles that goes anticipation right now it is it's one of the major obstacles in the draft i know there are a number of issues underlined in red to read the lines. and said the rams made today that its underlined in red. this right to enrich uranium. there is a
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little bit of wiggle room on at the moment they're enriching its twenty percent which is near weapons grade nuclear weapons credit. so for the production of energy they could go right down to knock off the sense that they can spot it says so i eating counter if you like it could compromise on that. bought what they want as well from the school here in geneva is a great set financial benefits from them. they want to see sanctions lifted. mole animal widespread fold and is currently being proposed and that will be a sticking point particularly for the americans that the hopes on capitol hill threatening even stronger sanctions against iran should be still be a sale today. thank you very much indeed to reach a state reporting from jenny about an hour from us full of the response from the meanie and government an exit poll to up respond and punching
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him in ten and had tea and an earring in law makers as we understand him. don't ask me trying to build a ten in the capital to get out the country's right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes such as a more about that. in third kind. yes you have mentioned now and that the sneaker sees it and leave the station seems to answer various and steve moment and to add that to send you any media here despite these sad people are facing as an aside and go station and then click here especially need to go on and the atmosphere as very sensitive and there and bacteria have mentioned this and couldn't see it as any and five the semi official news agency fars news the cincy and they're just the two day stay here a some mind i'll make this year and the half. jesse did feel bad that cutting to the media and the discos that being the spirit of the month that the honey come from and to
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protect the new enrichment and icing the negotiation table and eats including assam the point why can't that you launch it continues to ring in the enrichment activity and they especially that twenty percent uranium enrichment. that means some nuclear facilities and also in the third team on the honey company to continue the construction of the back had me what to react and also the olsen teen moms and to top that to continue the installation and the manufacture of the add new generation of centrifuges silly confucian year and he sees that the beast pressure from the hotline this and that although the steel disc you need to be presented today at nine and two that the lungs on him and two and the open sessions to his cause and the funding to meet epa it may be discussing the next week. i still hear the sense deep inside you're on the south and there sen
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stevens' son adam is here it means that the feast on the english east including greens big deal and that we know that s we also know that that and you got that an activist and the us and has instead going to push another run of the sanctions at the beginning of sender and some man as he is afraid that we face new sanctions that have passed and then add the atmosphere of you may be inside the london cage and the hive mind is especially at the much as the poly mates and the view was that scene in the negotiation so it's it's a very critical moment for the other hand's government also here. thank you very much indeed come to you a fortune from my camera now it's second eighteen south kerry s austria has countered field and simulated exercises to mop is that an industry of the dprk east shedding of the young john niven and exercise is to praise on and around the island. south korea's joint chiefs of staff said
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the amin made the apples in the real cool participated in the tail on the dprk marks the day with unbound respond to what is cold and the of publication with a strike on the south korean presidential compound assess the finance ministry spokesperson said adam boulton would only heighten the wilful breach addition the amount of trees near the tree and people the north fired off some one hundred and seventy rounds of ontario and the boat ride and on november the twentieth at two thousand ten and arranged and to see the means to kill it in the attack. fan. reject need to read the great john sees his new economic and social challenges. the green party is thinking and planning you were for us. and there is a lot of ground to come. new land policy. it's
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never troubled financial reforms. wind to make a breakthrough. what is the government's stance. and how can each strike a balance between speed and stability watch our special coverage on the third plenary session of the eighteenth century committee of the communist party of china called on cctv the us. i know. kenny washington chinese ice cream in the wee angel and the u s second st john kerry and sign the doctor has a meaning in st is aimed at increasing people to people exchanges between china and the us as the fourth round of colds concluded that the guests as they envision and growing trust and cooperation between the two countries to exchange
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is an interesting report from washington the hot here. i will resume viral video that helps twenty students learn about american slang. all the new cctv america network chinese and americans all communicate in more than ever before. in just two weeks of hols heralded in the us state department which completed the full conference on the people to people exchange in the final memorandum the wedding preps for g's seventy five agreements to post a picture corporation six areas including education science and technology culture sports and women's issues. to me. what can people change as one of the thinking they're so quick in the growth of time and yes he mentions placing once upon a strategic road inability of the new model nation country the nation chat. continued kept asking people to people in tents in the class to
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point that if the impeachment understanding and toss. i have heard your toe in chests as envisioned the summit between the presence of joining us and it is his hero people exchanges as seen on just the way of fostering relationships. also ultimately solving global problems. ultimately these exchanges can do a lot more than just bridge gaps between two different people. they can bring together the two largest polluters on earth to help combat the serious challenge of climate. they can bring together the two largest economies on earth to help drive the shared prosperity that we want all people. they can bring together two of the most powerful nations on earth. to promote peace security and stability in every corner of the blow was when nguyen dong also attended events and abuse in the number of stewed exchanges and the timing of
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mandarin here in the us. she also gave the keynote speech the united states institute of at the nac hundred and eight at the fog patches updates to the itunes set out in the sixteen ha okay. such scope and intensity is our president it. adult acne there will be a new milestone in china's reform and opening up. second the paci go off to the farm he's going to confess that the fall of socialism with chinese characteristics and make progress. modernization of state government says the government's capability this commitment but the us that i enjoy nasal all aimed at avoiding this understanding to building a relationship. all the future the asian pivot as a school day in the us is more than just about a minute too. they think exists today. watched
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the final day of the u n s climate change conference in now. walsall and the band's best in the shadowed by finger pointing and accusations of double double standards and this widespread skepticism as to whether the gathering that produce any tangible results environmental groups and trade unions walk down to the conference of the spacing things are killing the land cost. officially the negotiations are continuing and of course china instead. cctv is there a right to the detectable baking for all the talks and what chinese hoping to achieve. when cited to explain the exhibit here at cop nineteen which demonstrates some of the ongoing good green projects in china and eco city and son jean and i lead the street lights project in a cool dip robinson of course ongoing discussions that way now. this is part of the china pavilion and the delegation here says it reflects the jeans commitment to combating climate change
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in recent years china has emerged as the focal representatives of the developing nations reflected by its role in the g seventy seven us china group. speaking for more than one hundred and thirty countries. its positi as a key player has been noted by others including the u n's talk man. i cannot go by emphasize the importance of what chinese contributions and more. this team. or maybe show. then went to issues including climate change. but the position that is often the plaintiff against the rich developed nations including the us. china maintains it and the other industrialized countries have to live it for decades and it's the pollution not current including levels that cause climate change and feeding says they should pay actually you know i can open the core issue is the lack of political will of developed countries to field a commitment on funding. this is a serious problem. china's
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climate policy has undoubtedly shifted in the past twenty years since start of the un climate conference is also set up domestic grain fun. the cdm to help promote more climate friendly projects that seem some one billion dollars rt dispensed more than twenty chinese provinces for its part china has promised to reduce domestic emissions to nearly half the levels in twenty oh five but the year twenty twenty and this would fall in line with new policies coming out of the gene part of the so called twelve five year plan which includes china says bold goal is for combating climate change. we run brood cctv in warsaw. at any chinese vice minister of foreign affairs to jimmy gave an interview. tee off chris funk until he rocks back and you talked about the problems in cash and communities now facing knows that china
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stands on tackling climate change. mr was minister china has been making a big push but this climate change conference why today china is now the largest developing country. in quarantine. you would if anything can find the key for climate change st says seem to have this silly post and the us china and the ppp and the price quotes great importance to duplication is no climate change. he stoops. he couldn't believe it to a disco queens. i'm going to look where you can enter once you're calling for more action. and yet we've seen that this cop a reduction in commitments from countries like australia and japan and canada. oh what is your reaction to their scaling back. udinese two new cushy she's signed to pay a dollar a can on each day at tcu
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climate change. it is ok. due to the team any team. in the shape of steel toes and other quick sketches seasoned us to another election. that's where she needed to be confirmed in the coming end of the bills the industrialized countries to read. the three pm. and in the uk she asks. and by doing so. the alice all night due to the students to hear his talk was to speak. in taking such action. sitting pretty in real quick. and those given after the two countries as he walked the whole eu responding to do with the us commitments and cut open school in the past there has been some tension perhaps diplomatic but tension with the us with leading voices for the rich countries the developed countries. how
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has that affected discussions by that story the train i knew it had copied by a whale or so. and it was a way of concrete dome that he she was taken on a key. on seeing through the icc should see many aspects. the internet to negotiations. the thing that's different. last weekend after negotiation think basically dead tomato four for mac. what is the problem. what's preventing. yes i came to you now easter friday and the last ninety issue of this piece of that and it's ideal for coming she said the commission says his team could it be better than poppies has the ball tonight the two to provide the financial system's treatment in case you to read in the maya got a call. and
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yet none of the mill any meaningful arrangement has been made. full flow to do to achieve that objective. when approaching the end of twenty fifty. people with an actress she didn't want me to the park going to do. doing twenty fourteen and fifteen than they need some kind of full result. are you optimistic that the international community to tackle climate change. if all countries could it be any of the maldives and the economy. he could do to achieve that that might be the new policy to cut costs the difficult process. i only hope that the eighteen foot and i think it will compete in clinton the lead going into week two on each of us are priceless. though china is still developing country the wisteria an impressive new customization and organization. then still
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the increased coffee machines would appeal to in the process. but as i mentioned to him as he came in between police and the tuc should see. i listened to and she still kept clean too late to undo the scene consumption. and i can go for dinner. the chiefs bendigo with the aim of liquid can sprinkle clinched the sheets. i am reducing emissions. he didn't mean that the chinese vice minister of foreign affairs thank you so much for joining us. thank you. that turns out this fun there on iraq but tokyo to the chinese vice foreign minister and the word to mean. joan joan the capital of a kind and province is now known as one of china's this monkey's the sixties many of his cia officials launched a new sky projects including constance mix the city from ten pala to natural gas but izzo report the saudis to find out things and killing lead to slower than expected. in july
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chicken shed clothing company began dismantling the coal powered plant learned that the new thing to generate collins palin over the past fifteen years. it was one of eighteen company future until after the local government just ways to clean or fail amal and about in the film would not see them with the cheaper easier to record directly to generate steam and ironed the clothes we think everyone's responsibility to improve the air quality. we know it's hard. we have to do it. these moments you have fun. sort of emc. all companies have been so quick to respond to a month after the project that it's less than half of the stargate companies have even begun making change. on fifteen charges to provide a conference in june shows the effect of dentures the body not sure if we'll
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file with bob weekly to tease me and took ninety three small cold call with boilers and twenty seven big ones in the district before it is december. but it proves we were two teachers that feeling is that all the departments shooting both in this project it will be creek rd then. archer. my role here. the optical package to spend nearly three million and apple close to five hundred thousand us dollars. that is needed gas powered blower any stop nights. against the sky itself is another eighty thousand a world with eighteen thousand dollars for mine. some of the conference call. some argue the audience like those used by hospitals was close. the price tag of running to hundreds of melon for the un. just this week against me and wanted to keep the money. sweet sienna down and you know the local government will subsidize twenty thousand won it would switch from coal to natural gas. the number is hardly helpful. the whole system will cost us at least one and a half million to one. it's
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too hard till four. in the senate and the minute the door. sometimes though so that means coal fired power plants and heating facilities in the majors to a fifty three and two point five cents. and as the city's air quality s were sent one president at the time to him on the mend and action the change they specially hard to achieve healing in china where callie so cheap and abundant an intimate and reliance on to the mind natural gas the prizemoney at the hands of alignment and how he beat me to lie to the central government the focus in china have begun to run away from all economic growth. we want to think what developments becoming less dependent on coal power is part of that . i can only succeed if necessary infrastructure facilities and policies according to a place sorry she is teaching me don't open on top. that's
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all for this nice update on cctv knees underneath in a scene the new i know the new
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i know i mean. in one
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cheesy you. welcome to the world who wanted to know tommy and tokyo shares a look at some other stories we're following this hour negotiations continue on the final days of talks on iran's nuclear program military leaders in the korean born each other like these provocations and of the first


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